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Partnership Scholarship Plan (PSP)


Study dentistry

The first branch of the company’s dental clinics has opened in Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, with the aid of God and the management and staff of “Habatek.” This is a long journey to realize the collection’s wonderful aims, which began in 2021 AD with the earnest collaboration of all collection members and has provided strong support for the commencement of future activities.

 One of the focuses of the company‘s branding vision plan is the development and extension of branches. so it is required to lead and train efficient human resources in accordance with the aims of “Habatek,” which is important for the credit and economic growth of each group. At the moment, Habatek Company in various fields of medical, IT, and advertising, as well as middle managers, requires thoughtful and theoretical thinking forces to assist managers in the level of decision-making and planning in this field. ; As a result, officials of the department are attempting to take advantage of the interested and talented people in this field by creating the necessary capacities for them, to provide the possibility of training efficient forces in the mentioned departments (scholarship plan).

 In this regard, and in light of the importance of utilizing the valuable creations and potentials of the young generation and cultivating their talents, the upcoming program dubbed “Partnership Scholarship Plan” was placed on the executive agenda of managers as the primary method of providing efficient manpower to Cooperation and employment in Habatek clinics.

Habatek covers and supports a restricted number of applicants for continuing education in the joint scholarship scheme each year, and they study in relating fields to the collection’s needs. These students will get the university’s annual tuition as well as the significant advantages outlined in the rewards section. During the study period, students will also be under the monitoring and guidance of educational counselors, who will examine the quantitative and qualitative levels of students’ education and learning and prevent academic failure.

Applicants enrolled throughout the course of study are expected to attend scientific and practical courses at the “Habatek” clinic in addition to university courses. These courses, which are offered to boost people’s degree of practical and experimental knowledge, will be an objective assurance to progress towards accomplishing the collection’s aims of profiting from the efficient force.

Those who are accepted, on the other hand, must deposit a financial guarantee with Habatek as student capital. It is worth noting that the deposit money will be reimbursed at the conclusion of the study and graduation period in accordance with the company’s agreements and the student duties clause under the stated conditions.


Those that are accepted for scholarship plan, get a variety of advantages during their education. It is worth noting that all of the company’s services and advantages are supplied in accordance with the principles of supervision and student assessment while learning. This implies that the student must comply with all of the responsibilities and conditions outlined in the paragraph requirements and conditions of the student in order to have access to all of the company’s services and advantages.

  1. Study for free in the desired field (university tuition is paid by the clinic)
  2. Having student health insurance
  3. English language training course
  4. Georgian language course
  5. Holding specialized franchise courses annually and under the supervision of a specialist doctor
  6. Collaboration in writing and publishing articles
  7. Permanent presence in internship courses
  8. Receive a certificate of employment and work experience for 1600 hours after graduation
  9. Recruitment and employment of excellent students after graduation and passing the qualification test

General terms and conditions of the applicant

Applicants for registration in the partnership scholarship plan (PSP) to continue their study must fulfill all of the following prerequisites at the time of registration, and this paragraph is obligatory for all applicants. As a result, please register after carefully reading the contents of this booklet.

  1. No criminal record
  2. Certificate of end of service or exemption from service (permanent or temporary) for male students or the possibility of leaving the country
  3. No drug addiction
  4. Failure to commit moral corruption
  5. Age requirements: minimum 17 years and maximum 45 years
  6. Holder of one of the following documents
  7. Four-year diploma of the old system
  8. Pre-university degree of semester-unit and year-unit system
  9. Associate degree (post-diploma) or highest
  10. Twelfth-grade diploma of the new system (6-3-3)

Required Documents

Send all papers as PDF files during registration and via the specialized registration page.

Please keep in mind that the time of sending the papers is critical. Obviously, papers received after the registration deadline will not be processed.

  1. Certificate of no criminal record
  2. Translation of diplomas (diploma, pre-university, transcripts) into English and stamped by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. Passport image with at least 2 years of validity remaining
  4. Personal photos

Note: It is mandatory to have the original copy of all documents when entering the destination country.

Student commitments

  1. The student is required to supply all essential documents, including educational and identity documents, in a timely manner in order to fulfill the topic of the contract.

  2. The learner must follow all moral and educational norms. If the Company engages in unethical activity, such as disputing, arguing, engaging in immoral circles, or breaching legal standards, it bears no duty to the student or to the legal authorities.
  3. As part of the internship, the student must work at the clinic for at least 12 hours each week.

Note: There is no obligation to attend the internship during the final exams.

4. The student is determined to putting up all of his efforts to study science and information while maintaining an ideal GPA in each semester.

Fields of study (scholarship plan)

Code Field Duration Place of study Language Investment
DE110ge Dentistry 5 years Georgia English- Georgian 35000 $
DE111ge Dentistry 6 years Georgia Georgian 19000 $
ME112ge Medical 6 years Georgia English- Georgian 40000 $
ME113ge Medical 7 years Georgia Georgian 25000 $
PH114ge Pharmacy 4 years Georgia English- Georgian 33000 $
PH115ge Pharmacy 5 years Georgia Georgian 17000 $
IT116ge IT 5 years Georgia Georgian 15000 $
MB117ge Management 5 years Georgia Georgian

15000 $

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